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Burst Pipe in Queens Village

Burst Pipe in Queens Village

Burst Pipe in Queens Village

A burst pipe in  Queens Village can happen at any time. Old pipes can rust and can’t hold the constant water stream. When this happens, it can lead to flooding in the home, causing damaged property.

Queens Village and Bellerose are located in Queens County. These communities are known for its tree-lined streets and homes that are worth in the millions. A lot of families living in Queens Village have been there for years, and that boast many multicultural roots across the globe.


The homes that are in Queens Village and Bellerose can be old. The foundation systems rusted and fragile, which can cause a rupture of the pipe system that lines the building without proper maintenance.


The Bathroom:

The Bathroom is one the most common areas where a pipe burst. With drains connecting three places(The toilet, sink, and bath), a burst pipe can be disastrous and time-consuming to fix.

If it’s the sewage line in the bathroom, then it’s imperative to remove contaminated property and call a professional right away. Sewage water holds bacteria that can be very harmful.

If it’s the bath or sink, stop the faucet water from flowing and get a mop, rag, and anything that can be used to soak up the water before it seeps into the walls.


The Kitchen:

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen can have a drainage system connected to multiple things. The sink, dishwasher or the refrigerator.


If it’s the sink, you want to stop the water from flowing by turning it off. Usually, sink problems in the kitchen have to do with food particles falling in the drain system. If you notice water going down slowly, it’s probably time to clean out the pipes or seek a plumber.


The dishwasher uses a lot of water during the week. This water can break out of the hose that’s connected to the pipe. Causing a flood.

Everything Else:

Other areas of burst pipes are from washing machine malfunctioning. In most homes, washing machines are put into the basement. If the machine has faulty hose system it might break, or if the pressure from the pipes can also allow it to burst. When this happens it’s imperative to remove the machine and clean up as much as the flood as possible.

Cleaning up excess water with an eye for potential mold growth is imperative for the thorough and cleaning and safety around the flood zone.


What do we do?

When the burst pipe in Queens Village becomes too much to handle, a license water damage professional is a good bet for rapid recovery.

Water Damage Cleanup is that company.

Water Damage Cleanup is a Queens-based family-owned company that’s been around for over 30 years. We specialize in emergency water damage service, that way you have a helping hand at all hours.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.


Here are some of our services:


–    Mold Remediation- Mold tends to appear after a flood. The remediation process is the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated matter that was not purposely grown at that location.

–    Water Mitigation – The first thing that our company does is inspect every corner to see where the water has seeped through. Our top of the line water mitigation equipment, extracts water from all foundations, leaving you a dry home.

–    Dehumidification- One of the things that are often overlooked is air quality after a flood. This process purifies the air from any toxin or chemicals, allowing it to flow freely once more.

–    Reconstruction- We restore your home back to pre-damaged conditions faster and more efficient than the next company.

We don’t only do water damage restoration. Fire and Smoke damage restoration is also one of our major services.

Water Damage Cleanup is a fully comprehensive restoration company with certified agents that will get your home or business back into pristine conditions.

A burst pipe in Queens Village doesn’t have to be super stressful. At Water Damage Cleanup, we are here to hold the burden!