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Flooded Basement





A flooded basement is a disaster that no homeowner would ever want to experience. A flooded basement could result from a downpour, broken pipe, failed sump pump but cannot be left unattended as it could result in severe damages with time.

When dealing with flooded basement, there are important things you should do immediately, before calling on the professionals who will ascertain the level of damage and proffer adequate and long lasting solutions. When you have a flooded basement situation, cleaning the floor and keeping it dry is important but you must not compromise on your safety. Entering a flooded basement can be dangerous and even deadly so it is advisable to seek the services of a professional water damage company.

Before entering a flooded basement to clean it, these are some of the things to consider:

  1. Is there a likely risk of electric shock?
  2. Is there gas leakage or gas smell in the basement?
  3. Is the flooded basement structurally safe?
  4. Is the basement contaminated?

Before setting foot into a flooded basement, it is important that all electric system must be shut off, inspected and repaired by a professional electrician before it can be turned back on. The jolt from stepping into flooded basement with submerged power outlet and electric cord can be fatal especially when you have appliances running. Rather, use a battery powered flashlight to find your way around the dark basement.

It is also important to know how to prevent the formation of mold after the basement has been cleaned.

While you await the arrival of the professional water damage company, and their assessment of the damage, these are some of the things you can do to salvage your property.

Take out and retrieve

The earlier you remove personal items from the water the better your chances of repairing and restoring such item. To remove the likelihood of mold growth, you need to get items out and aerate them to remove dampness totally.

Dry out rugs and carpet.

Basement carpets can harbor molds so you should hurriedly remove rugs and carpets to prevent the damage of carpet fibers, backing, glue, padding and underlays. Leaving the carpet in the basement poses greater risk of damage and mold formation.

If peradventure your carpets have been tacked-down, never attempt to remove them by yourself. Rather wait until professional help arrives.

Run dehumidifiers and dryer fans

Keep the level of humidity as low as possible to prevent the development of mold after a basement flood. If the weather condition is favorable, open all windows, then run dehumidifiers and dryer fans to lower humidity levels and increase ventilation.

Since enclosed spaces like basements are prone to moisture, which aid mold development, and can cause numerous health problems such as respiratory problems, due to the release of allergen-laced spores into the air.

Clean and disinfect every surface

After water extraction and the basement is dry, the basement needs to be cleansed and sanitized. Shovel out every mud, carefully wash and disinfect anything that is in contact with the flood.

Keep a record of damaged items

As each damaged item is removed from the basement, and treated for water damage, create an inventory to record details regarding what the flood has damaged, hold unto receipt and estimates from repair or restoration procedures. These receipts will support any insurance claim you might want to make.

It is advisable to allow professionals handle the cleaning of your basement, since cleaning the basement would require the use of professional instrument like dehumidifiers, dryer fans, flash extractor, and industrial blower etc.


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